Cruisin' Around Town with Ronnie Setser
Best of the Best
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First Saturday Night of each Month.
Located at Burger King on Linebaugh and Sheldon.
Ronnie will pick the "baddest ride" to receive a Six Foot Trophy. This
vehicle will be featured on a dash plaque and in Cruisin' Style
Magazine. All twelve monthly winners compete against each other in
December for the Best of the Year, and the Ten Foot Trophy. These
world class cars have gone on to be featured in national magazines and
sold to high bidders. There are also other competitive classes that
night. This show has the same location, registration, rules, and activities
as the regular
Saturday Night Burger King Car Show.
Do you have what it takes to be the Best of the Best?
Remember, it's easy to make new cars look new, but it's hard to make
old cars look newer.

Click here to see this very nice video of the Burger King Car Show.
It was put together by
The Eye, Thank You Very Much.

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